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We tell stories of astonishing women, past and present. That's our mission. What started as a backyard film project has grown into a legitimate non-profit, producing original videos seen and shared by thousands. In our interviews, women speak passionately about a woman who inspires her, a woman who has made a difference and deserves to have her story told.

Look What She Did! is growing like wildfire. Our followers on social media have increased by 1000 per cent— literally — going from 600 to 6000 followers on Facebook in six months. And growing everyday.

Last year we more than doubled the number of videos in our library with a three-day northern California shoot focusing on Women in Science and Technology, a shoot with the Wilshire Ebell Women’s Club, as well as our first high school shoot with The Archer School for Girls. We now have a library of 57 videos with plans for another three dozen this year. This spring we’ll do shoots in Los Angeles and Washington DC, and in the fall we’re going to NYC for a shoot there. 

There are also film shoots planned at two more high schools, where students will learn our methodology to produce stories important to them. Already, our videos are being used in classrooms around the country, a fun and useful tool for educators to inspire students and we’re thrilled to extend the educational aspect of our work to include teaching young filmmakers.

People watch our stories for a shot of inspiration— an easygoing and positive reminder of women who give us hope and faith in our own strength and abilities— and— to fill in the gaps of female accomplishment left out of history. Stories we need to know!

As we build our library, expand our audience and develop partnerships with schools, museums, and community groups, we ask for your support. We're a little group with a big vision. Please join us by donating now when your dollars will make a huge difference.

Thank you for joining the Look What She Did! community! Please subscribe and stay connected as we post new videos and stories throughout the year. We want to hear about you and your astonishing woman. 


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